Welcome to Conuco Colibrí! 

Conuco Colibrí   (Hummingbird Farm),   Sanare, Venezuela

We are a small farm with a big heart in Venezuela´s Andes Mountains.

Our name reflects who we are. Conuco is the Spanish word for Venezuela´s traditional food garden – a small, interconnected and eclectic mix of orchard, vegetables, forest and paradise. Conuco Colibrí celebrates the revival of the conuco in Venezuela as one solution to the nation’s food crisis. We strive to model, teach and promote this vibrant Venezuelan version of permaculture.

Colibrí is the pint-size mythical hummingbird, hero of local lore, who saved the nearby Fumarola Mountain from a raging fire by dropping water onto the flames from his tiny beak. Conuco Colibrí celebrates modern-day hummingbirds –those small groups working tirelessly to better their communities. Our programs are dedicated to supporting their efforts.

Many hearts and hands have planted trees, nurtured gardens, built cottages and sowed dreams for over 20 years at Conuco Colibrí. Come – rest, savor, saunter and dream with us in this little piece of paradise.

Abrazos, Lisa, Ledys, Pachi, David, Ever, Juan Carlos, Marianita and kids of Conuco Colibrí. 

Kids’ Gardens of Hope

We are the kids of Hummingbird Farm (Conuco Colibrí), a community permaculture farm in the foothills of Venezuela’s Andes Mountains.  Food shortages in our country have brought hunger knocking at the doors of our community.  While many of our parents spend long hours in food lines, we decided take action.

We began to gather rocks, sticks, stones, soil and manure from the surrounding mountainside.  With the help of a few adult friends and some donated seeds,  we built raised vegetable beds and permaculture plots on an abandoned plot of weeds at Hummingbird Farm.

Soon, spinach, squash, tomatoes, passion fruit, corn, beans, and broccoli burst forth.  We named our beautiful food plot the Gardens of Hope.  We experimented with compost, different styles of beds, alternative crops, companion planting and more. And we ate what we grew: delicious!

After we began taking fresh vegetables home every week, our parents came see what we were doing, then our teachers and classmates.  They asked us to teach them.  And we said yes.

Help us to grow more, learn more, share more.  We want to bring these Gardens of Hope to our homes, our schools, and to other neighboring communities. Garden by garden we are returning food to our homes, hope to our community, and dignity to our country.

Song and Harvest

Several years ago a group of children transformed Conuco Colibri’s small coffee harvest into music. Not with the wave of a magic wand, but with the work of experienced nimble hands. They had just completed a music course and were left with much longing but no instruments. The  idea came about to harvest the coffee to sell for instruments. Their fingers flew even faster, and soon music was a fixture at Conuco Colibrí.

Today, younger children of the community are learning from their older peers to strum the cuatro, play the tambor, and dance tamunangue, a centuries-old, still vibrant collection of Afro-Venezuelan dances. Kids embrace the traditional Venezuelan music’s vibrant rhythms, gain new skills, connect to their heritage and unite their community through festive traditional celebrations.


Faced with a national shortage of basic goods, many young Venezuelans are unleashing their creative spirit. They are producing everything from soap to their own homes, using local renewable resources.  And they are forging new local economic models based on barter, solidarity and sustainability.

Conexions brings together young creative leaders to share innovations and ideas. Every two months participants gather at Conuco Colibrí for a weekend of workshops to share their creations, forge connections, and exchange visions for a new Venezuela…

Colibrí  Gatherings 

Community, school and family organizations find a welcoming haven of beauty and tranquility at Conuco Colibrí where they can retreat, plan, evaluate, and dream – wide and open.  Groups ranging from 5 to 50 people can use grounds, cabins, and facilities for a few hours, a day, a week, or longer.

The cabins at Conuco Colibri are built by local craftsmen of traditional bahareque (waddle and daub). Their construction of logs and earth open up to wide verandas slung with hammocks, inviting  connection with the lovely surrounding mountains.

Solidarity rates, work exchange, barter and scholarship are available to make sure that groups working to improve their communities find a space of welcome at Conuco Colibrí. 

Groups ranging from local school children to state-wide cooperative federations to national youth groups to international human rights gatherings have graced Conuco Colibri’s lovely lawns in the past few years.

Thank you for supporting Conuco Colibri!

Your donations to Conuco Colibrí are tax deductible through the fiscal sponsorship of the Task Force on the Americas, a tax exempt 501c3 organization.

Your  support allows Conuco Colibrí to continue to promote permaculture and food sovereignty in Venezuela and to facilitate dialogue, interchange and community leadership.

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